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Waist Bead Parties - Sip n' Ties

Waist bead parties are a great way to educate your tribe about waist bead traditions while earning free Bodied by Nykkey's Designs merchandise for yourself. Once you book your waist bead party you will receive a personal discount code that will be active from the moment you schedule your party - one week after the party has taken place. The code will offer a 10% discount for all of your friends who use it and you will receive free gifts the more your code has been used. Please see below for our party incentives. 

You can schedule an in-person Sip n' Tie if you're located in the DMV area. Gather at least five of your closest (or not so close) friends and we''ll bring the rest. For people outside of the DMV area, or for those of you who prefer, virtual parties are available as well. 

Pricing for in-person Sip n' Ties


Tribe of 5 -10: $180 



One bottle of Rosé

One bottle of Riesling

One bottle of a Red Blend

One bodied by ND tee for the host

Tribe of 11- 20: $220



Two bottles of Rosé

Two bottles of Riesling

One bottle of a Red Blend

One bodied by ND tee for the host

Please contact us for parties for 21 or more

Virtual Waist Bead Party Info


Guests can enjoy the waist bead presentation from the comfort of their own home via Zoom! We provide a presentation that will enlighten your guests on the origin of waist beads and discuss all the reasons why more women are wearing them now.


Waist Bead Party Incentives 

  • Five orders: Free T-Shirt of your Choice

  • Ten orders: Free T-Shirt of your Choice and Free One-Color Strand 

  • Fifteen orders: Free T-Shirt of your Choice, Free One-Color Strand, Free Pre-Made Strand of Your Choice

  • Twenty Orders:Free T-Shirt of your Choice, Two Free One-Color Strands, Free Pre-Made Strand of Your Choice

Click Here to Schedule Your Waist Bead Party TODAY!!!

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