One Color Waist Beads: You pick the colors!!! Our one color strands allow you to make your own sets. You pick the colors. 


All wasitbeads are one strand unless otherwise noted.


Bead Color Meanings:


Black: serious, distinctive, elegant, bold, powerful, sophisticated, expensive

Gray: conservative, classic, responsible, dull, somberness, authority

Light Gray: neutral, logical, rich, practical, reserved, trust

Blue: authority, nautical, dignity, security, confident, classic, stability, trust

Light Blue: calming, patient, cool, water, contentment, trusting

Teal: serene, sophisiticated, water, coolness

Green: healthy, fertile, freshness, enviornmentally conscious, nature, reliable, appetitie

Light Green: calm, soothing, refreshing, young

Yellow: youth, friendly, positive feelings, sunshine, energetic, cautious

Orange: fun, cheeriness, sunset, exuberance, spontaneous, optimistic, speed

Amber/Gold: history, autumn, earthiness, richness, tradition, conservative

Brown: earthy, wholesome, delicious, rich, rustic, warm, natural

Dark Red: rich, refined, tasty, expensive, luxurious

Red: aggressiveness, passionate, sexy, strength, powerful, assertive, vitality

Hot Pink: exciting, playful, tropical, flirtatious

Light Pink: romantic, sweet tasting, feminitiy, innocence, softness, youthful

Purple: sophistication, mysterious, spirituality, dramatic, weatlth, royalty, youth, creative

Light Purple: romantic, sentimental, nostalgic, fragrant

Ivory/Cream: classic, soft, comforting, natural, smooth

White: purity, truthfulness, faith, pristine, contemporary, refined, airy

Silver Metallic: sleek, modern, classy

Gold Metallic: rich, expensive, valuable, prestigious

Rose Gold Metallic: friendship, fidelity, love


Over time any gold or metal components on the waistbeads will become less shiny. Please see how to take your waistbead measurements in the FAQ.


One Color Waist Beads are available in traditional African tie-on (permanent) ONLY. Monitor display vs. in-person color may vary slightly.

One Color Waist Beads

  • All waistbeads sales are final.