Mermaid Reloaded is a remake to our most popular set, Mermaid. With Mermaid Reloaded we've upgraded the quality of beads from the originial Mermaid set. 


Mermaids represent independence, freedom, and mystery. Our Mermaid Waist-bead set captures the half woman half marine creature with beautiful teal and soft pink glass seed beads, soft pink crystals and rose gold metallic accents. This set promotes femininity, romance, and sophistication. 


Bead Color Meanings:


Light Pink: romantic, sweet tasting, femininity, innocence, softness, youthfulness

Teal: serene, sophisticated, water, coolness

Gold Metallic: rich, expensive, valuable, prestigious


Monitor display vs. in-person color may vary slightly.


Mermaid Reloaded Waist Beads Set

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