Adorn yourself in elegance. Infinitely Yours will have you wanting to show your waist off in public. This strand is sophistication and grance redefinied.


All wasitbeads are one strand unless otherwise noted.


Bead Color Meanings:


Cream: classic, soft, comforting, natural, smooth

Gold: history, autumn, earthiness, richness, tradition, conservativeness

Gold Metallic: rich, expensive, valuable, prestigious


Over time any gold or metal components on the waistbeads will become less shiny. Please see how to take your waistbead measurements in the FAQ.


Infinitely Yours is available in traditional African tie-on (permanent) or claps (removable). Monitor display vs. in-person color may vary slightly.



Infinitely Yours Waist Beads

Closure Option
  • All waistbeads sales are final.

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