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Bodied by ND promotes women empowerment and body positivity.


You are Powerful

You are Beautiful

You are Worthy




Waistbeads are for women of all shapes and sizes. Wear them to feel connected to your African ancestors. Wear them to monitor you weight loss. Wear them to feel sexy. Wear them because you like them. There is no right or wrong reason to get Bodied by ND. 



Nykkey is a mother, a teacher, a mentor and friend. She is a personified "girl's, girl" and values her relationship with her tribe.  She has three beautiful children. Her oldest daughter,  Eryn is a 20 year old college student at Temple University. She also has 15 year old boy/girl twins in high school; Ashley and Asa.  Nykkey is  a full time IT Trainer for the government and specializes in teaching Microsoft applications; which has helped tremendously with the business aspect of her businesses. In addition to Bodied by ND; she also owns Nykkey's Designs. Which specializes in custom sorority umbrellas and other items. Please feel free to check out the Etsy shop if you're interested in seeing these customized umbrellas. 

Nykkey is very family oriented. When she is not making waistbeads or attending vendor events; you can find her at a sporting event for one or both of the twins. Eryn and Ashley have been a tremendous asset to both Bodied by ND and Nykkey's Designs. Eryn has taken over the Etsy shop and makes sure the umbrellas are customized and shipped in a timely fashion; so Ashley and Nykkey are able to focus on making waistbead inventory. You can find them both along side Nykkey at EVERY vendor event or pop up shop. .

Why waistbeads? Everyone has their own reasons for wearing waistbeads. She started making them for herself to monitor weight loss and weight gain. She started posting her strands on social media and the feedback from other women interested in learning more about waistbeads was amazing. After being asked "what waistbeads symbolize" she decided to research and lean more about them and ended up falling in love with the power they posses. Waistbeads have the power to transform anyone who wears them. Not only can you use waistbeads to help with weight loss but for any intention or goal you set for yourself. Nykkey has since started offering both virtual and online parties to educate other women on the origin of waistbeads.

So here we are.... Welcome to Bodied by ND. We hope you allow us the pleasure, honor, and privilege  to "Body" you. 

"She is more precious than jewels; and nothing you desire can compare with her."

Proverbs 3:15 (ESV)

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